Datum: 23.04.2019

Vložil: Prostitutkipn

Titulek: Prostitutes of Kiev

Perhaps the moment hit. We take discounts for consistent customers and those who efficacious the miss in return the night. We are not thrilling misguided, we all understand, we also clothed a crisis. Every tom has a crisis.

In days gone by, you came to the sauna for the sake of three thousand rubles per hour, stayed there in support of five hours, you were not told the words that you had been merit so much an hour, they also gave long green on better exchange for having a a-ok rest. Now they invoke for the duration of an hour and say: “I gave three thousand for you, do you surmise from this?” We had this situation: the maiden asked in regard to tea, she was postulated a crone of tea (laughs).

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